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Dietary Guidelines for Americans

These comment summary reports are those prepared for the Sixth (Final) Meeting of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), May 12, 2010. For comment summary reports from other DGAC meetings, see the links below the chart. To view all written public comments, click here.

Comment Summary Reports on Key Topic Areas
(Report period: April 8, 2010, through April 29, 2010)

  Alcoholic Beverages*   Food Safety*
  Carbohydrates and Protein*   Minerals*
  Eating Patterns*   Nutrient Density
  Energy Balance & Physical Activity*   Other*
  Evidence-based Review Process*   Sodium, Potassium, & Water*
  Fats   Vitamins
  Food Groups  

* These topics areas received no comments during the specified comment period and therefore have no comment summary reports.

DGAC Meeting 1 DGAC Meeting 2 DGAC Meeting 3
DGAC Meeting 4 DGAC Meeting 5 DGAC Meeting 6

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